Chalkbloc is targeted to climbers and we have a range of advertising opportunities to help you expand the reach of your campaigns. We work closely with our brand partners to develop integrated, cost-effective and trackable solutions, these include.

Sponsored Articles

Sponsored articles can help you to deliver your brand message in our prominent positions on the home page and are also displayed longer term in our article feed.

Video Reviews

For your more story focused productions we can create a review to help increase your awareness and reach.

Display Advertising

We have banner advert positions which can be set to display across the site or embedded within a particular article to increase relevancy. We also run Google Display Network ads in select areas of the site for broader advertising.

Social Media

Our social media accounts are growing as we develop our user base, Chalkbloc Social Media can amplify your message with direct placements on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or more simply used to announce your sponsored, video or review content on the main website. We can also offer boosted posts targeted to a range of demographics to increase reach and engagement.


Our database is targeted to the climbing community. Newsletter inserts or single brand focused deliveries can be scheduled to offer a 360 solution to other aspects of your campaign on the main website, announcing reviews, new products or your content.

Gear Reviews

Our review team provide honest and detailed reviews which can be published alongside your campaign schedule and are designed to offer good SERP performance. Chalkbloc also create several comparison reviews throughout the year.

For more information on how we can work to help your campaign goals contact us.