Free Solo, now an Oscar winning film, is an interesting journey into the mindset of Alex Honnold and the film crew involved.

Free Solo follows Alex as he preps for his ground breaking solo attempt on Freerider and along the way looks at his history, mindset and personal relations.

For any climber it's a fascinating watch and a good insight into Honnolds' psyche. The footage weaves it's way through his past solo climbs, family, a blossoming relationship, his extensive preparation for Freerider and his relationship with the film crew and friends helping him to prepare for the climb. The footage of the final solo attempt is breathtaking and highlights the level of technical difficulty and exposure involved.

Given the technical intricacies of filming on El Cap along with the ever present risk of Honnold falling in front of them the camera team deserve special mention. Viewers interested in details of the film work are well advised to hunt out the 'making of' films and articles available online which are as interesting as the main film itself.
The film crew are close to being co-stars alongside Honnold as they add some needed emotion to his 'Spock like' demeanour, in particular Mikey Schaefer filming with a long lens from the valley floor struggles to watch the climb play out in front of him.

Free Solo is available on iTunes and Amazon