• Choosing a tent for UK conditions that you might want to use for pretty much everything from valley camping to mountain use has always been pretty straightforward in the past, buy a Quasar..... Need a bigger mountain tent? Buy a Super Quasar! Tents from a few other manufacturers have followed a similar design but in the last decade there have been lots of upstarts with a range of different designs. Can a pretender to the crown from Exped tick the boxes for our UK climate?

  • This review was written in 2016 by Tom Livingstone. The Miura is still one of his favourite shoes, three years later.

    Total transparency: La Sportiva started supporting me earlier this year. They’ve asked me to write a quick review of their Miura VS shoes, and I happily obliged: for three months I’ve been edging, smearing, hooking and falling off in their shoes, and I’ve been really impressed with the fit, performance and rubber. My thoughts are below.

  • Petzl are well known for their long history of offering good quality and high performing headlamps although their range has been noticeably lacking a LED powered lantern design. Does the NOCTILIGHT fill the hole in the lighting range?

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