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Holdbreaker is a climbing company run by women, designing gender-specific products for all forms of ascent. In this article, they discuss the issue of climber's physique, how climbing shapes our bodies, and specifically, what that means when you're looking at the Holdbreaker X (their new climbing bra). Holdbreaker are also building a community, where beginners and experienced climbers can get together to teach and learn, to encourage one another and feel inspired. 

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The new Kryos Jacket has been driven by requests from Mountain Equipment's athlete team, such as cutting-edge mountaineers like Tom Livingstone & Uisdean Hawthorn, who need a light and warm jacket for alpine climbing in the Greater Ranges and in cold conditions... the Kryos provides the optimum combination of warmth, protection and minimal weight.

Informed by feedback from some of the world’s best alpinists and extensive R&D work, this is the jacket for the hardest and most committing lines in the high mountains. A GORE-TEX INFINIUM drop outer provides proven additional warmth and weather resistance, whilst the Super Alpine Hood gives unrivalled protection. Featuring Firestorm construction, high volume hood, and pleated & box baffles, it's one of the highest-performing jackets Mountain Equipment have ever made. Read on to discover how Tom used the Kryos on his expedition to Koyo Zom...

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We recently reviewed the fourth edition of Hard Rock edited by Ian Parnell and were delighted to find the feel of the guide had been maintained with the same high quality imagery, in this article Ian takes a look at the process of shooting and choosing photographs for the new edition.

"First published in 1974, Hard Rock established itself as one of British climbing’s most loved and essential books. Its continuing popularity has been reflected by the regular demand for new editions, over the past four decades. Part guidebook, part literary compendium, Hard Rock was also one of the very first glossy coffee table expositions of the climbing art. Packed with dramatic full-page images the book was highly innovative for the time. When Vertebrate Publishing invited me to pull together a new fourth edition I knew its success would depend on matching the visual impact of the original, but also to do so in the much more visually competitive world that we have today."

Ian Parnell

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